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How does this work?

We help Nurse Practitioners start and run their own practices. Our goal is to help NPs build and grow sustainable practices by putting processes, technology, and workflows in place so that the NPs can focus on seeing patients, while we support them with platform tools to help them efficiently and effectively see patients via telehealth, house calls or in office visits.

For new practices, we come prepared with a complete 60/90 day implementation plan to get you up and running and ready to see patients. This plan is comprehensive and includes legal aspects to get your business registered, insurance credentialing, and technology (ie. telehealth and EHR) implementation & training. 

Once your practice is up and running, you see patients as we support your non-clinical operations. On the "front end" of your practice, we build and execute a marketing strategy to acquire patients and  provide virtual front-office services for patient registration and scheduling. Once you have completed the patient visit, we process the insurance claim or billing information that has been entered, and complete the revenue cycle management process with the applicable insurance company. 

Together, we build a practice for you that is sustainable, financially viable, beneficial for the health of your community AND your work-life balance. 

What makes this model different?

Our team studied primary care concerns and NP-owned practices to develop our model. This allowed us to see first-hand factors that promoted practice success, as well as factors that prompted failure. We incorporated these insights into our "pillars of practice ownership" which lay the groundwork for building sustainable practices. 





Neighborhood Nurse Logo

Pillars of Practice Ownership


What are my options for starting a practice?

The NP's that we work with typically choose one of the three models that are prevalent in primary care today. These core of these models differ in their payment and revenue mechanisms, This impacts how the care is delivered within the model. Also, hybrid options in between models are available. 

Traditional (Insurance)

Cash Pay

Direct Primary Care


What EHR and Other Vendors Are Used?

Our solutions includes several vendor partners. We have selected these vendors partners based on 2 main criteria:

  • Ease of provider and patient use

  • Group purchasing pricing 

Many of our vendors have provided group purchasing discounts, which we pass on to our Nurse Practitioners. This means that you will pay less for these items when purchased through Neighborhood Nurse. Here are a few of our partners. 


How long does it take to build my practice?

We follow a 60-90 day implementation plan to onboard practices. Here's how our time is spent during implementation:

Days 1-30
Practice Formation

  • Practice Overview

  • Legal review

  • Legal structure

  • Business licensure

  • Malpractice insurance

  • Insurance credentialing

Days 31-61
Marketing & Tech

  • Marketing Overview

  • Website & social media accounts

  • EHR & RCM implementation

Days 61-90
Marketing & Training

  • Begin marketing & scheduling

  • Technology training

  • Workflow training

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