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MGTEK Dopisp 3.0.1742 serial key for roms MGTEK Dopisp 3.0.1742 activation code for itunes MGTEK Dopisp 3.0.1742 to itunesA former Illinois state representative who resigned after it was revealed she sought out an underage teen to have sex with her husband has been charged with child pornography. Jennifer Bartozik, 51, was indicted Thursday in Cook County, Illinois, on charges of child pornography and solicitation of a child to commit prostitution, according to the Chicago Tribune. State officials say Bartozik made payments to the teen through a family member to provide her with child pornography, according to a statement released by state officials. 'I have a baby for you' Prosecutors say Bartozik first tried to set up a meeting with the teen, a 16-year-old girl, in October 2015 after they were introduced by a mutual friend. Bartozik then flew the teen to her Chicago home, where she gave the teen a bottle of vodka and a glass containing a sexually explicit photo, prosecutors say. Bartozik then had sex with the teen that night, a recording of the encounter shows, the Chicago Tribune reported. The indictment says Bartozik had sex with the teen at least two more times that October before the girl's mother found the recording in December. Bartozik told the girl's mother she had "a baby for you" and paid the teen $200 for sex, prosecutors said. Bartozik has been charged with one count of solicitation of a child to commit prostitution and one count of child pornography. 'This is a serious issue' In March, Bartozik resigned from the Illinois General Assembly. She and her husband, a physician, have two children. "This is a serious issue," she told the Chicago Tribune at the time. "If I would have known what I was doing was illegal, I would not have done it. I'm disgusted with myself." Bartozik's attorney told the newspaper at the time the allegations were "out of the ordinary" but said his client was disappointed to learn she had been accused of child pornography. The charges come a day after 13 men were charged in connection with the child sex ring run by Jeffrey Epstein, who pleaded not guilty in Florida last week. Epstein, a billionaire financier, was charged with soliciting



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