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Nurse Talking to Patient
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Start slow, keep your financial risk low, focus on your patients & build a sustainable practice 

Our platform serves Nurse Practitioners who want to independently practice, have flexibility in their schedules, produce their own income, and autonomously practice at  the top of their license. If this sounds like you, we'd love to meet you and discuss how you can improve care within your community and achieve your goals too. 

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How it works

We provide the HIPAA compliant platform for you to see anyone as a patient. 

Patient Acquisition

Personally acquire patients from your friends and family, or from patients that register through the Neighborhood Nurse website. 
Registration & Scheduling

Patients schedule their own appointments online and complete the registration, make their payment, and sign all the consents. 

Conduct the Visit

Conduct your visit with the patient via telehealth, a home visit, or at a brick and mortar location, chart a SOAP note, e-prescribe, and complete orders in our SOAP APP. 

Once the visit is completed, Neighborhood Nurse facilitates the payment and funds are direct deposited to you.


We provide the lowest cost and lowest risk path to autonomous practice. Using our platform service includes:

  • Online patient registration, appointment scheduling, consents, and patient payment

  • Easy to use & mobile friendly SOAP app charting tool

  • Malpractice Coverage (NEW!)

  • Patient friendly telehealth module

  • E-prescribe module access, integrated with your local pharmacies

  • Lab account set-up

  • Optional e-faxing and HIPAA compliance modules

    YOU have complete autonomy to: 

  • Manage your own schedule & see patients when you want

  • Set your visit types & offer unique services

  • Price your own visits and services


Our solution is priced to help Nurse Practitioners keep as much of their revenue as possible. Pricing is based on the number of visits conducted:

  • Conduct 5 or less patient encounters: $69*/month + 24% of net collections

  • Conduct 15 or less patient encounters: $99*/month + 19% of net collections

  • Conduct 16+ patient encounters: $119*/month + 14% net collections

  • Malpractice Coverage add $50 monthly to base rate*

YOUR patients:
  • Register online
  • Schedule their appointment
  • Make payment electronically
  • Digitally sign all consents required
  • Communicate through a HIPAA compliant platform


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